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In REDDOOR, the player is immersed in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies. The objective is to survive solo against endless rounds of the undead by strategically opening and clearing doors and using a variety of weapons, perks, utilities, and power-ups. The player earns points from killing zombies, which can then be used to purchase guns, perks, and unlock new areas, or turn on the power. The zombies enter the player’s space through special "RED DOORS", and the game will end when the player dies.

To make the rounds a bit easier, the player can occasionally find power-ups such as resupply, nuke, max ammo, time skip, instakill, rapid fire, and shadow upon the death of zombies. These power-ups can give the player an edge in survival. The player can also upgrade their guns using the upgrade station and rarity station, making them stronger for high rounds.

Additionally, the player may stumble upon hidden Easter eggs scattered throughout the map, unveiling special abilities or secret weapons that can turn the tide of the undead onslaught. These hidden gems, when discovered and activated, add an element of surprise and excitement to the gameplay, rewarding players for their exploration and keen observation.

Randomly the undead will drop scrap, which the player can use for ammo or upgrading a weapon for a better rarity. As the increasingly challenging waves of undead become more formidable. Its important that you upgrade your weapons to the best rarity to not only enhances your survivability but also ensures that you are well-equipped to face the evolving zombies. In addition to upgrading weaponry, wisely allocating scrap for ammo becomes crucial, especially during intense rounds where ammunition conservation is key.

Players can also find the mystery box which is a random weapon generator. It contains 40 weapons at 5 different rarities. When bought a random weapon is rolled it also encourages players to take risks and adds strategic depth to their decision-making, as they must adapt their gameplay style based on the weapon they receive. Whether it’s a powerful legendary firearm or a more common weapon, the mystery box introduces an element of chance that keeps the survival experience dynamic.

V5.14 Version
– 40 Weapons
– 4 Gamemodes ( Survivor, Gungame, Timed, Speed+ )
– 10 Perks ( Life, Health, Reload, Agility, Spread, Damage, Blast, Trigger, Magnet, Vision )
– Weapon upgrade/rarity system
– 2 Different currencies Points & Scrap
– 10 Powerups ( Max ammo, Nuke, Shadow, Resupply, Time skip, Rapid fire, Instakill, Vampyrism, 2x Points, Sale )
– 5 Grenades ( Grenade, Impact grenade, Distract grenade, Frost grenade, Fire grenade )
– Weapon skin customization ( 200 levels to earn )


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