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Emiko’s Pledge 3 is a 2D Platform Action game based on the story of a half demon girl called Emiko, whose aim is to become the greatest warrior of the Ettaze state and abroad and also, to protect the weak.

After Exdon T, the third dangerous warrior of the Penta Demon tribe, was defeated, Emiko and the two members of the Tri-Demon girls team head out in search of Fumiko, their leader. Fumiko was one of the strongest demons of the Ettaze state. She got separated from the team due to a huge explosion when they were exploring the mountains of the North of the state. Emiko was thrilled to meet her, one of the greatest demons, she heard so much about.

But in an unexpected turn of events, Emiko, Anzu and Eiko came to know that Fumiko was manipulated into killing innocent villagers by the Penta Demon tribe leader. They were shocked to the core hearing that and could not believe it. When they came across their leader, Fumiko, they realized the change in her behaviour. She did not show restraint while dealing with Emiko and the members of her own team.

Later, they managed to break the spell and free Fumiko from the enemy’s grasp by combining their demon energies and by using the shards of the bloodstone. Finally, the Tri-Demon girls team and Emiko went on a journey to defeat the Penta Demon tribe leader.

You play as Emiko, the half demon girl and will you be able to defeat the Penta Demon Tribe leader?

Key Features:

  • 15 Stages with stunning visuals!
  • Different kinds of enemies having unique powers and ‘devil’ weapons!
  • 2 Boss Battles with formidable bosses!
  • Lots of deadly traps and obstacles to overcome!
  • 3 Firing modes which include regular, laser and Plasma modes.
  • Ability to freeze the enemies and double jump!
  • Join forces with the Tri-Demon girls and work together as a team!
  • Story Driven!
  • Anime aesthetic and animated cut-scenes!
  • Challenging situations and hard to master!

Note: I am a solo indie game developer and I have done all of the graphics, artwork, animation, character design, and programming except for the music. I hope you will enjoy the game.


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