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Burst Attacking Mechanic

Absorb enemy shots that match the colour of your ship (dictated by your remaining health)

Once you fill the meter on the left of the screen it will release a burst attack to target all enemies and the meter will flash for a short time.

Absorb further shots while the meter is flashing to release further burst attacks clearing enemies quickly to clear the threat.

Neon Invaders will take you back to your gaming roots with its constant action and relentlessly brutal enemies.

Absorb enemy shots of the same colour to trigger a flurry of fire to decimate the alien invaders. Shoot flashing enemies to trigger a chain of explosions to damage near by enemies and improve your chances of survival.

This game is a throw back to the origins of video gaming with some simple modern mechanics and pick up and play gameplay.


40 Levels to test your alien shooting and bullet dodging / matching ability
5 Difficulty Modes (2 unlocked immediately and a further 3 unlockable in game)
Multiple enemy types to keep you on your toes
Steam leaderboard to track the worlds best space pilots
Steam achievements to keep you coming back for more
Controller support
Controller rumble
Stylish neon graphics


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