DarkSelf: Other Mind

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DarkSelf: Other Mind is a first-person psychological horror game about the growth of darkness over time.

Explore the house, life and mind of John Parse. Complete puzzles inside the mind of John Parse to unlock his memories, and don’t let the DarkSelf catch you.

John Parse is a man with a wife and daughter. As the years go by, John begin to become a different person. A darker person. He begins to mistreat his wife and daughter.

Look for the 3 keys and complete puzzles, unlock the memory locks and get the 12 memory pieces to discover John’s memories. Use the items in the house to uncover the puzzles.

  • Explore the House of John Parse over the years.
  • View everything through the mind of John Parse.
  • Don’t let the DarkSelf catch you.
  • Unlock the Memories of John Parse.
  • See how John sees things.
  • Use the Flashlight to see shadows that aren’t there.
  • Use the Candle to light secrets.
  • Use the Broken Glass to see things that aren’t there.
  • Use the Transparent Doll to see objects that are inside other objects.
  • Use the Time Ball to see the house in the Past.
  • and much more…

Note: This game is developed by one person, Tiago Chefe.


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