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Rampage through your enemies in this twin-stick kiter fighter.

Kill your foes and power up your mech in this combat-heavy game of destruction and mayhem. Maneuver around the battlefield, avoiding enemy fire while dishing it out in kind. This game is all about tanky bullet-hell combat while exploring a power fantasy through various upgrade paths.

The Battle for Sansil Prime

As you battle through the game, you will defeat enemy soldiers, mechanical armors, and mechs in a progressive twin-stick bullet hell. Experience combat as a tanky mech, choosing from a variety of weapons including the Machine Gun, Flamethrower, Rocketlauncher, and a Sword! Throughout each level you will encounter story elements and boss battles as you collect resources to increase your mech’s capabilities. Between each level you apply your upgrades and continue on in a highly replayable experience. Should your mech fall in combat, you have one final chance to redeem yourself on the battlefield as an evasive pilot in a classic 1-hit death bullet hell experience.

This game provides the player with opportunities to engage in tactical combat maneuvers against various AIs, strategic upgrade choices, and multiple forms mid-combat resource management. Optional challenges ramp up the difficulty of gameplay while rewarding you with the resources to empower your mech. Can you master the gameplay to defeat the Militia’s armies?

This game features two modes:

Legend of the Sand Knight
: A story-driven linear experience meant to ease the player into the game’s mechanics and allow for an exciting hand-crafted adventure.
The Sand Knight Chronicles: Continue to battle in the war-torn world of Sansil Prime in a procedurally generated rogue-like where you can put your mettle to the test in an ever-increasing challenge mode.

Story Summary:
On the colony world of Sansil Prime, two militaristic groups vie for control of the planet after the homeworld comms went dark. The world is on a collision course with catastrophe, with a large population of colonists stuck in the middle of the conflict. Presented with an impossible choice, Sammi and her colleague, known only as "The Mercenary," set off on a mission to stop these tyrannical factions and free their countrymen from the oppression of evil men.


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