Story in the Dream World 3 -Sinister Island’s Mysterious Mist-

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The prelude to the third story…

Yeonseul and Hyeyoon met various water gods and spirit creatures…
Yeonseul fainted for a moment, then woke up. Since Enter Sangbian Island a rather heavy mission and identification of the cause, the duel was somewhat unreasonable.
“Except for the god of the sea, everything was fine in its own way.”
"Shinjike gave me a sense of being elegant and lonely somewhere, and Hae-gwi seemed like a gentle man with strong strength in a rough battlefield."
“Of course, both of you are trustworthy.”
“But how to help… I can’t help but feel anxious because I don’t know what will happen if I go to Sangbian Island…”
Then, in a daze, I looked towards the shore from inside the shrine. Under the deep blue sky, the moon was shining brightly, and the seawater reflected the moonlight softly.
“There is a moon as big as that in this place… I like it because it is moderately bright and not dazzling.”
The tremendous tension and anxiety before the big event calmed down little by little while watching the moon and listening to the sound of the sea.
Hyeyoon also fainted and got up. The shrine where Hyeyoon is located is deeper inland than Yeonseul’s shrine, so the seawater is not visible. There is only a thin stream.
“Imoogi..? pal?"
I was still in the temple, dazed and dazed, as if it was still sudden.
After a daze, I came out of the shrine and looked at the moon.
The soft moonlight and the sounds of insects and streams seemed to calm Hyeyoon’s heart.
"Shinjike-nim… Hae-gwi-nim…"
“Am I the right person for the job… I don’t know…”
Hye-yoon lacks confidence. But someday someone has to do it. Besides, there are colleagues who will come together.
"okay. There was also Yeon-seul… Would you think that the grace I received was repaid with help? I’m glad I don’t get sick…”
It was as if the various environments around her were comforting and encouraging Hyeyoon, who thought of herself as weak. I can’t help but feel anxious…

How to play the game
1. Common Mode
Avoid and shoot down the attacks of various henchmen that appear for a certain amount of time whenever you enter each chapter!
After a certain amount of time, the boss comes out, talks to the player, and starts a duel with the player.
Beat the boss to enter the next chapter or view the endings!

2. Boss Rush Mode
It is a mode that can be unlocked by breaking it once, regardless of the number of times (within a limited number of times) connecting the normal mode to the difficulty level.
There are no henchmen spawning in this mode, and no dialogue with the boss.
And, it comes out a little stronger than the boss in normal mode!
Only, if you duel with the boss and beat the boss, you go to the next chapter or the game ends right away!
(There is no separate ending in this mode.)

3. Achievements
The fun of clearing the 23 achievements in the game has also been added!

Game control keys
(If there is no separate guide key, the key will be used.)
Back: X, Esc
Menu/Weapon Selection: Z, Enter
Menu/character movement: arrow keys (if you press Shift for a character, it moves slowly)
Fire weapon, talk to boss: Z
Use Bomb, skip boss dialogue: X
Fire special bullets (when the gauge is maxed out): C
Pause menu: Esc


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