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Harakiri! Geisha Girls is a visual novel targeted towards those who enjoy the company of girls as love interests.
The game is filled with humor and references to otaku culture, ranging from “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure” to the more recent “Azur Lane”. Taking place in Nippon (referring to a trope-filled version of Japan), the game heavily relies on stereotypes of Japan as seen from an otaku perspective, the depiction of anime girls, and the concept of “waifu.”


The protagonist, an otaku who grew up in the United States and has a thing for samurai, enrolls at Fujiyama High, a prestigious school known for churning out the best freshly-baked samurai.
For plot purposes, the protagonist, who has now become a special scholarship student at Fujiyama High, is subject to one questionable condition: if he fails to earn the trust of his fellow students in just one week, he must perform the infamous HARAKIRI!
The protagonist starts a group called Shinsengumi and starts creating bonds of trust with the girls at the school.

About this game:

This is a novel game with multiple choices.
Depending on your in-game choices, you will unlock multiple endings.
The more you play the game, the more scenarios you’ll be able to enjoy.


・Size-adjustable breasts: Each character comes in a range of 4 sizes. Once the player sets a breast size, they will be able to see their pick reflected in the game’s story mode.

・Japanese voices: Although not fully dubbed, the game comes with Japanese voices! Every girl has her own personality, and her “voice patterns” pop up in certain situations.

・In-game animations: The girls are animated, so they move both on the while reading the story. Facial expressions, moving hips & shoulders, etc. – all you need to feel the dating experience!


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