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¥6.00 ¥4.20

Evil A.I. Space Bots are attacking Earth, You and Your team of Good A.I. Bots must stop them !

Form Your Rag-Tag Team of A.I. Misfits, who are NOT Astronauts and Defend the Earth from Evil A.I. Space Bots,
who are also NOT Astronauts.

Fly different Space Vehicles with up to 99 A.I. Bots on Each Team.
** NOTE: Use the Slider Bars in the Menu to set the # of Bots. **

Use Laser Guns and Missiles to defeat the other team to win !

Climb Your way to the edge of Space, shoot and hunt enemies.

You will be challenged to determine the best pilot who destroys the others, You or the A.I. Bots.

Take Your Ship to new heights, Boldy shooting Your way to the Top of the Scoreboard.


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