Cyber Lounge Tycoon

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Cyber Lounge Tycoon is a sandbox management game where you get to build and customize your own gaming club. Serve each customer or get a staff to do that for you. Upgrade and maintain your existing services. Expand and unlock new options. Decide what kind of club you want to run!

Welcome Players, to the safe haven of gamers.
Design and manage a cyber lounge for customers who come to relax and play video games.

Manage your resources to create the environment you see fit for your lounge. upgrade your environment to attract more customers and ease the workload of your staff.

Managing the way a lounge looks is important. Customize with resources to create the environment you see fit for playing customers.

Satisfying your customers requires a keen eye in management. Provide the services for your customer’s needs and keep them happy

Running out of space is not an option, expand and reallocate to newer and bigger lounges with larger areas that provide room for upgrades.

Let your creativity take over in sandbox mode. The building space is yours to experiment with from the very start.


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