Assassin at Crimson Keep

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Assassin at Crimson Keep is a short visual novel set in a dark, quasi-fantasy world.

After a botched assassination attempt, you pursue the King into his lair known as the Crimson Keep. Your small choices can have great consequences, either for good or for evil.

The Eldritch Update

  • Eldritch abominations (naturally)
  • One brand new ending and achievement
  • Twice as much dialogue and descriptions added!
  • Two new areas to discover
  • New characters and interactions which can affect characters from 1.0
  • New traps (which means new ways to die!)
  • Reworked art (most notably in the Intro Movie)
  • Minor rework on the All Business ending to make it more rewarding

Key Features:

  • Seven Different Endings (not including Game Overs)
  • 15-30 minutes per run-through (subject to speed of reader)
  • Small Choices Have Big Consequences
  • Hand Drawn Art
  • Original Music by Adrian James


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