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◆Game introduction◆
Raise money and monopolize the land!
Cute animals (KEMONO) and Monopoly game combine…"KEMONOPOLY"!

"KEMONOPOLY" is simulation game in which you buy and grow land and earn money until you reach the map’s target amount.
It is an original Monopoly(-OPOLY) game, based on the famous board game "MONOPOLY".

Fantastic and cute animals and terrible monsters are waiting for you.

◆Game System◆
KEMONOPOLY is a "game like -OPOLY".
You roll one dice each turn and advance as far as the number of dice you roll.
When you stop at an empty lot, you can buy it.
Visit the checkpoints on the map to reach the goal.
At the goal, you will be rewarded according to the number of lands you have and their prices.
The more land you monopolize, the more rewards you’ll get!
Collect funds faster than the other characters and reach your map’s target amount!

◆Play on!◆
There are 11 maps you can play on in KEMONOPOLY.
Each with different difficulty levels, different map shapes, different characters, and unique gameplay.
Enjoy the obstruction by items and the events that occur randomly when you stop at the land.
Estimated play time is 1 to 2 hours per map, but don’t worry! Supports up to 4x speed mode.
Let’s aim for a high score!

◆Complete single player ◆
It’s okay to interfere with other players, or to steel money or land!
You won’t fight with friends!

※Please be careful※
KEMONO means a cute animal character.
It’s not about "KEMONO" and Furry.
This is a board game in which animals become unit.


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