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– "Photo Puzzles HD" is a jigsaw-style puzzle game in which you have to arrange the square/rectangle pieces. The game contains three game modes
1. Tile Swap: click to swap the square tiles into their correct spots to complete the picture
2. Tile Rotation: click to rotate the square tiles to restore the picture
3. Split Tiles: click to swap the rectangle tiles into their correct spots to complete the picture
– Let’s get started to solve the puzzles, enjoy beautiful photos as well as releasing your stresses
126 categories, 3000+ beautiful HD photos (1800px X 1200px)
Ability to create custom puzzles (generator) with your photos!
● No downloadable contents (DLCs) required, all images in this game are fully unlocked
● Three different game modes to choose from
Eight difficulty levels: 6×4, 9×6, 12×8, 15×10, 18×12 (Normal), 18×12 (Hard), 21×14 (Normal), 21×14 (Hard)
● Relax your brain with new puzzles every two days
● Fun and classic gameplay
● Suitable for both kids and adults
● Stunning graphics, cute characters
● Calming music, peaceful atmosphere
● Fun sound effects, modern design
● Easy and relaxing to play, hard to master


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