Waifu Covered 2 : Censored Edition

Waifu Covered 2 : Censored Edition thumbnail
¥22.00 ¥14.30

Rescue your possible WAIFU from the evil monsters. Simple EASY TO PLAY shoot em up, action game! Destroy the cursed clothes to save the girls from the evil spell!

Star Features

  • +8 Very different Waifus to save.
  • SFW / STREAM safe environment with permanent ‘FULL CENSORED’ mode. Base clothes will never go away.
  • Unlockable one hand mode game, Where two special ships will be available for this mode.
  • Online leaderboards. Share your online scores all over the world!
  • Multiplayer: play alone or with a friend local or via team Remote Play Together.
  • Gallery with nice visual effects, clothing selector, visual effects and more… Ready to be printed.
  • High quality 4K art.

Other Features

  • Standard (easy) and Arcade difficulty modes.
  • Achievements!
  • +8 different boss / guardians.
  • Several secret rounds.
  • Bonus levels.
  • 5+2 Characters to choose from.



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