Descent Vector: Space Runner

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Descent Vector: Space Runner – Speed is your plaything!


Descent Vector is a high-speed single-player endless runner which launches you through a procedurally generated gauntlet of sci-fi space stations, asteroids, and industrial megastructures. Buckle-up and take control of your space pod as you rocket through high stakes obstacle courses spanning multiple alien star systems. Test your reflexes and become a master leaderboard pilot where speed is your plaything.

Campaign missions start easy and increase in difficulty as you learn to pilot your space pod. With each successful landing you’ll progress to a new mission with increased difficulty. Master each mission to unlock its endless mode providing new challenges with added acceleration.

You’re going to crash, so you might as well crash in an adrenaline fueled blaze of glory. Impact space stations at high-speed, wreck booster rockets, destroy communication satellites, and punch-through solar panels. Experience brilliant zero-g physics based explosions as you tear through space installations.

Use power-ups to your advantage by changing the behaviour of your space pod. Phase Shift through solid objects, slow your descent for more reaction time, and repair damage to extend your run.

Compete globally on the leaderboards and state your claim to the best endless mode distance for each level. Experience the thrill of victory as you race past your rivals with their best distance visible in-game.

Each play-through is unique with randomized procedurally generated courses. Space stations will change their configuration, rotation, and location so running the gauntlet is always unique. You’ll need to be alert and on your toes to avoid destruction.

Experience alien planets from orbit as you progress through each campaign mission. Marvel at the lava fields on the volcanic world of Kepler 10B. Fly through the ice rings of a frozen world. Travel to the mysterious Tau Ceti star system, experience the awe of a huge gas giant in the 51 Pegasi system, and more.


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