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Connected towers is a puzzle game where you connect or disconnect towers from their power supply. You play as a little robot, who pushes towers trying to make his way through each puzzle. He needs to overcome obstacles such as gates, mazes, moving platforms and lava to make it to the end goal.

The game has 27 levels that contain a mix of the game’s obstacles, requiring you to understand the rules of the game and figure out ways to handle hindrance coming your way. The game starts out easy and gradually ups the difficulty and you receive an achievement with each level you conquer. Finish levels as fast as possible to compare your best time to that of other players on the leaderboards. Enter a world with a voxel art style and awesome soundtrack to accompany this little robot on his puzzle adventures!

Feature list

  • Challenging puzzles
  • Single player
  • Fitting music
  • Cute voxel art style


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