Super Ultimatum Quiz

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Game idea:

Super ultimatum quiz is simple trivia/quiz game. There is 7 different stages which include different themed questions to play or then can play all categories same time. High score system and limited time to answer questions. Every question has 4 possible answers and 1 is always correct. Player has 3 lives so player can answer wrong several times.
During game, the player has 3 lifelines that they may use only once to help them with a question: Skip the question, Pause time, Remove 2 wrong answer
Game has also high score system and steam achievements. For now over 350 questions


– 7 different stages which include questions from 7 categories: Sport, Geography, Math, Entertainment, Tect, Art and History
– steam achievements
– High score system
– over 350 questions
– 3 lifelines to help questions:
– Skip the question
– Pause time
– Remove two wrong answers


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