Lithoi – Trials of Memory

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The land of Aegea was ruled by the Alchemists for over a millennium. Their knowledge of the elements and magic, allow them to create powerful Gem Stones called Lithoi, by trapping souls into the stones. You, as a free soul, are in a quest to discover those stones across the land and witness their special abilities.

Match Lithoi Gems and gain their essence as Maana. Unlock Spells from unique powerful Lithoi Gems and use them to your advantage.


  • • 3 Matching Gaming Modes
  • • 3 different difficulty challenge modes per level
  • • 228 levels across 28 Land Locations
  • • Spells for you to unlock

New Infinity Mode: Apeiron

Unlock this fast paced infinity mode on game completion, and place yourself at the top of the Leaderboards.


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