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¥11.00 ¥5.50

Snaaker & Friends

Enjoy 3 unique twists and the classic snake game rendered in 3D.

Control using WASD, Arrow Keys, or the D-Pad on a controller.

Choose from Snail, Worm or Snake speed, and test yourself. How long can you go on for?

There is only one way to find out, get playing now.


Snake & Snooker. The original snake sports game.
Can you get the magic 147 break in Snaaker?


Pool and Snake. Paal provides a subtle twist on the Snaaker formula.
Can you clear the table in Paal?


Football and Snake. Opponents? Tackles? This is another level.
Can you score 10 goals in Faatball without conceding?


Yes, it’s plain old Snake. A tribute to a much loved classic.


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