Erazer – Devise & Destroy

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Erazer is an action shooter with pixel perfect destroyable terrain. Dig, sneak and blow your way through the campaign, create your own maps with the built-in level editor or play levels created by other players.

Pixel perfect dynamic terrain

Dig, blow or burn your way through! The terrain and buildings are fully destroyable down to the smallest detail.

Game features

  • 30+ missions
  • Community maps downloadable in-game
  • 30 different guns and gadgets
  • Fully destroyable terrain
  • Editor for creating your own missions
  • Customizable characters
  • Co-op & PvP modes

Take on different missions as Erazer. You can try to go in stealthily or with a bang! The missions support various playing styles and approaches. Find your own way to play and become Erazer!

Play solo or with a friend! The game supports both Co-Op and PvP modes. Tackle the campaign missions together or start an all-out war in the Pvp!

We bring in new missions and features as the game development progresses. You can also create your own missions with the built in editor. It’s the same level design tool we use for creating the in-game missions!


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