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¥11.00 ¥5.50

Challenging block-pushing puzzle game, where the aim is to connect together all blocks of the same color. Navigate locks, conveyors, lasers, and other obstacles, amid fiendishly designed levels and contraptions.


– Hand-made puzzles
– Gradually increasing difficulty from simple to deep
– A relaxing, original guitar soundtrack
– Sleek, minimalist interface


WASD or cursors to move; Z or Backspace to undo; F to toggle windowed play/full-screen; SPACE to run.

Note from developer:

There is a minor real-time element that does not result in any dexterity challenge or timing difficulties. This is a warning here in case you can’t tolerate any timing in your puzzle games – no matter how oblique and secondary they are to the actual puzzles in the present case. If you are such a person I would still recommend you play the game, but you have been given fair warning!


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