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Check out my new game

Check out my new game


Bomber is a funny time killer game with 20 levels.

Hello to all! And a special hello to those who know me from the my games.
If you are surprised at this new game of mine, then I’ll explain. This game was created not by me, but by my nephew, who is studying for a programmer and completed the 1st year of study. I hope that you will not judge very strictly and will support him. When he learns to program better, he will be able to help me in other projects, and then I will be able to release even more updates according to your wishes.


1. Player has to find key hidden behind the walls to open the Door to complete the level.
2. Player can collect certain type of pickups hidden behind the walls, each pickup has it own functionality.
3. Bomb Range Pickup Increases the Range of Bomb to destroy the walls in all directions for a time period.
4. Multiple Bomb Pickup allows player to place multiple Bombs even when there is already a bomb placed in the scene.
5. Speed Pickup Increases the speed of the player to move around.
6. Heart / Life pickup gives player an extra life.
7. Shield Pickup Protects played from losing a life for a specific time when shield is activated.

Controls by keyboard and joystick:

Left: Left arrow, A, Axis horizontal left
Right: Right arrow, D, Axis horizontal right
Up: Up arrow, W, Axis vertical top
Down: Down arrow, S, Axis vertical bottom
Set bomb: Space, Joystick button 0
Back: Joystick button 1
Restart: Joystick button 2
Start next level: joystick button 3


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