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DVR Simulator is a Drone Racing FPV Simulator. Are you already an FPV pilot? Start your training now with the Freestyle and Racing modes.


  • Freestyle Mode
  • Racing Mode
  • Physics Editor
  • Virtual Reality

Physics Editor

The in-game physics editor allows you to change a lot of parameters such as drag, gravity, motor power, etc.

  • Drag, Angular Drag, Interpolation times, Gravity
  • Rates and Throttle mid/expo
  • 3D settings
  • More

Virtual Reality

Do you have a VR headset? Use it to simulate FPV goggles! Real FPV goggles use the same image for both eyes resulting in no motion sickness.
This is the default behavior when VR is enabled, it’s like watching a big movie screen, there is no motion sickness.
Of course, you can enable the stereo mode and experiment with a new level of FPV immersion. This mode is not comfortable and is subject to motion sickness.


The simulator works with both gamepads and real radio transmitters. A calibration process helps you to configure your radio transmitter.
Calibrations are stored in a file that can be shared with friends that have the same radio transmitter.


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