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A colourful retro physics game for causal and pro gamers alike.
An incredible single-player experience
Whizzing round the cosmos in your flying saucer dodging asteroids, black holes, cannon fire & assorted obstacles picking up crystals. Thrusting, dodging & speeding through the 30 obstacle filled levels.
Astro dash feature 30 levels which supports both gamepad & keyboard
Astro dash offers a single player experience that starts easy and becomes challenging.
This game is easy to learn and hard to master

• To thrust the ship by pressing” Z” or if you’re using a game pad press “A”.
• To brake the ship by pressing “X” or if you’re using a game pad press “B”.
• To change the ship direction use the left &right or left stick on the a game pad
• Navigate the course to the beacon
• Pick up stars to increase scores
• Flying close to walls to get a score bonuses

• 30 obstacle packed Levels
• The latest’s in 2D Graphics
• Steam Achievements
• Gamepad Support


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