Brain Tester : Mind trick quiz

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This Game Is About Riddles and Mind Trick Question .

Challenging Question that will trick your brain to get wrong answer.

Coming with 4(?) Choices of answers that will Help you beat the game

Also provided you all the reason needed for each answer, so you don’t stay confuse and ask me "Why?"

This Game Is Easy But It Might Be Hard.

Gameplay is Just play by answering a series of multiple-choice questions, the answer is not increasing difficulty by the level going but the
difficulty is depend of how confuse and how good your common sense and your memorizes are.

Use all your brain to clear this game, but don’t worry I give you enough life (maybe) to clear the game easily.

Buy this game and enjoy the question and many memes in the game

Unlock 200% of your brain power

Good Luck, Have Fun and Dont Give up


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