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KobberParty – party game for up to 9999 players

Kobberparty is a party game set in a vibrant fantasy realm where players take on the roles of courageous (or foolish) heroes willing to brave the legendary dangers of the castle. Fortune awaits those able to reach the dragon’s lair and get out alive.

KobberParty is played on your phone, laptop, tablet or other HTML compatible online devices.
The action of the game happens on your TV (or wherever you stream the game too), but players use their own devices to make choices.

A dungeon game of wanting to reach just little bit further to get just a little bit richer with the risk of losing everything.
Compete with your friends and support up to 9999 players.

Only the bravest will dare to enter, are you among them?

In Castle Explorer, players must guide their heroes through the twisting halls, full of terrifying creatures and traps, in pursuit of unimaginable riches hoarded by the feared Dragon. Whoever can amass the most wealth and make it out of the castle will emerge victorious. However, merely surviving the harrowing castle is a feat on its own.

Great riches and everlasting glory await you if you can survive the castle and its challenges. The great dragon has challenged all true heroes to test themselves against the dangers of the castle.

Compete with your friends to see who’s brave enough to steal the dragon’s gold and who’s lucky enough to escape alive.


  • Massive online multiplayer modes for up to 9999 players.
  • Play with any html compatible online devices.
  • Randomly generated dungeon filled with traps, treasure and deadly monsters.

Castle Explorer is being developed by a single developer and I need your feedback.
Voice your ideas, opinions and concerns – together we can craft the best experience possible.


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