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Have you ever dreamed about a game where you can just chill, listen to a bunch of good music, while admiring the beautiful landscape and not harming anyone?
Well… You may guess that this will NOT be that game!

Bikerz is a fast-paced, action-packed game where you have only one goal: survive all of the coming levels!
Of course, everyone will be able to choose a difficulty level which will fit their style of play. Are you a casual or a pro gamer? Are you looking for some fun or a real challenge? You’ll get it!

Collect money during the game to unlock new characters, faster and stronger bikes or more deadly weapons!

-15 unlockable motorbikes
-15 unlockable characters
-8 unlockable weapons
-3 type of powerups (health, shield, weapons)
-5 different locations
-25 levels
-With 40+ enemies
-Hours of fun!

This is.. Bikerz!


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