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Mission XAM is a 2D Action game based on the war which broke out between the US Military forces and XAM Terrorists. XAM Terrorists took control over the Golden Cave and the Robots Manufacturing plant of the US. The situation is gradually getting out of control and only you can save the nation from the catastrophic situation. Your mission is to eliminate as many Terrorists as possible and regain control over the Golden Cave and the Robot Manufacturing Plant at any cost.

The future of the nation is in your hands now.

Key Features:

  • 12 Levels to play!
  • Lots of Enemies having deadly weapons with them.
  • Collect Money from your enemies and buy more weapons and health items.
  • Two different firing modes including Machine gun and Rocket Launcher.
  • A Boss Battle!
  • Challenging situations and hard to master!

Note: I am a solo indie game developer and I have done all of the graphics, pixel art, animation, level design and programming myself except for the music.


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