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Casual golf simulator in the form of a puzzle.
In the style of drawings in the notebook.
You need to get in the hole. For this you need to build a path of the figures.
Each time the figures and location of the hole is different.

  • Drag the figures onto the field.
  • Select the impact force.
  • Click Play (Space).
  • If your design is correct, the ball will hit the hole.
  • In case of failure, you can change the position of the figures (twist, move, add, delete) until you hit the hole.

This game was made by young programmer and artist.
Our goal is to make a unique gameplay. Armed with paper and pen, the artist made a concept based on different games.

This is an experimental game of our team.
We combined several types of games. Our goal was to create a unique gameplay and give a new experience to the players.
What games inspired us:
– Crazy Machines
– GraviSound
– Nano Golf

The game is still in development and there will be updates. If you like the game, we promise to add a level editor. Each player can create own level and send it online so that other players can play.


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