Zakk Hazard The Deadly Spawn

Zakk Hazard The Deadly Spawn thumbnail
¥11.00 ¥5.50

Zakk Hazard is a FAST action plat former with puzzle elements

Zakk is trapped in the Gusev facility on mars where a biological terra forming micro bacterial fungus hybrid strain has infected and mutated the bases personal. Zakk is left alone to fend off mutants and escape the base. fight your way through the contaminated fend off the mutants avoiding the acid they spew.

Shooting through a multitude of monstrous mutants with a arsenal of 10 upgrade able weapons with 360 aiming fight your way through 20 hand crafted levels and battle anomaly behemoth monstrosities.

20 hand crafted levels
10 weapons
Weapon upgrade system
360 aiming
Over 30 enemy types
20 track sound track
Secret audio logs
Secret levels


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