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Minskies Furballs is not a port, but a spiritual clone of Puyo Puyo. In a tournament against a cast of crazy characters, you must guide and rotating falling pairs of cats of different colours to make up colour combinations. When four or more cats make contact, they are eliminated, and those above fall down, thereby possibly triggering a chain reaction. Chain reactions will make fish and boulders fall down into your opponent’s playfield, blocking his progress. Eliminating blocks will sometimes give you special weapons which can be used to eliminate cats and blocks from the screen.

The game can be played in a two-player mode or against crazy cartoon opponents such as the ugly pie Boo Cake, Hawkings the hawk or the slimy Greebo, who express their mood using both samples and small animations. If you win money in the match, you can gamble in a fruit machine. In two-player mode, each player can have a handicap.

Game Features

  • 16 Bit Graphics
  • 10 Levels in Story Mode
  • Local Multiplayer
  • Techno Sound Track


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