Alicia Quatermain 4: Da Vinci and the Time Machine

Alicia Quatermain 4: Da Vinci and the Time Machine thumbnail
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Turns out that Da Vinci has invented the time machine! However, things didn’t go as planned with the new invention.

Due to an error in calculations, Da Vinci’s loved one – Cecilia – was sent back in time! In an attempt to rescue the woman he loves, Da Vinci decided to follow her, but accidentally travelled to the future.

It’s not too late to undo the damage, but the great scientist will need help from Alicia Quatermain! The duo will travel across time and space and visit mythical places!

Can Alicia and Leonardo Da Vinci save Cecilia and prevent the time travel disaster?

  • Interactive guide!
  • Wallpapers!
  • Additional bonus levels
  • Alicia Quatermain’s adventures continue
  • Stunning full HD graphics
  • Special challenges for skilled players on difficult mode
  • A fascinating plot and interesting characters
  • Puzzles and bonus levels for the attentive players
  • A chance to save the rare relict


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