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Date Write, Mehmetcik is a game of different missions and story-oriented FPS in order to clear the terrorist formations in the neighboring country.

About Our Hero:

Mehmetcik, the name given to the Turkish soldier with a sense of love. Every soldier is actually a Mehmetcik. Therefore, it symbolizes the whole Republic of Turkey.


Civil war continues in Syria. Terrorist groups of different names have taken over the area. The city of Afrin, too. The Republic of Turkey has launched a cross-border operation to ensure the security of the region. Our hero, Mehmetcik, takes a special active role. With our Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and land operations, the region is cleared of terrorists, and the city begins to fight fearlessly for security.


The rule of the game is left to the player. The player determines the fate of the game with his own strategies.


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