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Space Digger takes you to the outskirts of a large asteroid surrounded by debris. Survive for your given sortie time, and accumulate as much wealth as you can. Upgrade your ship and get on with reaching the highest score.

With this game, it is my pleasure to present Philllchabbb to the world of Steam. His particular brand of humor is shown throughout the style he has chosen to present this concise, arcade-like game. Expect more from him, and please enjoy your time in Space Digger. For any questions on either this game or future matters, feel free to reach me through the Steam Forums. Continuous support is unfortunately only available in english or french.
Vincent Frappier – Lys Tek

You have limited time and need to place as many mines as possible to blow up asteroids. Get the rewards from it, beware of the pigs and upgrade your ship after completion to facilitate extracting future wealth.

  • Accessible Gameplay requires quick reflexes in order to stay alive longer
  • Buy new abilities through the store after your run
  • Accumulate as much wealth as possible to increase your score to the highest reaches.
  • Chill/Time Waster gameplay, great to play while listening to podcasts/audiobooks


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